Crave TV: iRobot Roomba 560, Looj and Scooba robot cleaners

Hate housework? Take a look at these gadgets that will do it all for you, with the new vacuum, gutter cleaner and floor moppers from iRobot

We've all been there. No-one likes a dirty house, but no-one wants to do the housework. Time to put an end to those all-too-familiar arguments with iRobot's latest version of the gadgets to take away the pain of cleaning your abode.

The Roomba 560 is a re-designed version of iRobot's robotic cleaner. With better suction and a new design, you simply push a button and watch as it works its way around the floor of your house, changing direction if it hits an obstacle.

The Looj is a new product for cleaning your gutters. Place it in your gutter and use the remote control to move it back and forth, removing all the gunk that stops the rain from being whisked away to the drains.

And lastly, the Scooba 5800 works in a very similar way to the Roomba, but it washes rather than vacuums. It uses a four-stage cleaning process to make your floors gleam.

You can see them all in action in our video. It's worth watching even if you don't like robotic cleaners, just for the moment at the start when the PR woman gets sick of Crave's jet-lagged reporter forgetting the name of her company for the third time, grabs the microphone and does his intro for him. Only in Vegas. -Jason Jenkins

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