Crave TV: Creative InPerson, in person

We're bringing you a little bit closer to Creative's simplistic new video-conferencing system, InPerson -- essentially a portable Wi-Fi-enabled webcam

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Yes, put it all on black 35. I'm desperate. I need food, I need... oh, hello. Didn't see you there.

When we're not ruining our lives at the tables, we're aiming to bring you closer to the coolest new gear at CES in new and exciting ways. Today, we're bringing you a little nearer to Creative's simplistic new video-conferencing system, InPerson. We get our geek on with both Creative and one of its not unattractive booth 'helpers', who show us, and you, the ropes of this quaint little gizmo.

Creative had about four InPersons wired up with Ethernet cables, but they work wireless over Wi-Fi, too. There was also a PC setup for use with the Web-based version, which allows a friend or colleague to communicate with you, via InPerson, without buying a device themselves. All they'll need is a PC, a webcam and a microphone. It raises the question of whether you even need one of the £50 devices if you can do it all via the Web, but you'd be missing the point if you asked.

The whole idea is that it gives people an easy and affordable way to have multi-person conferencing without faffing around with cables, peripherals, drivers and modems. If you don't believe it's that simple, you're about the watch the right video. -Nate Lanxon

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