Crave TV: Alienware's bad boy ALX PC and curved display

It's not every day you're smacked in the face twice by a lunatic, but that's what it feels like -- Alienware just hit us with a 42-inch display and an octocore gaming PC with four graphics cards


Say what you want about the folks at Alienware, but they've got crazy gaming machines down to a tee. We've just finished fondling two of its nuttiest offerings, the insanely vast Curved Display and a demo ALX PC stuffed with what seems like all the hardware in the world.

Let's get the craziest thing out of the way first of all -- the Curved Display. At 42.4 inches across the diagonal, this frankly ludicrous display redefines the term widescreen. It's curved like an enormous pair of wrap-around shades -- the idea being that it provides a more immersive gaming experience.

It uses DLP technology and is backlit by OLEDs. The advantage of this is a phenomenally low response time of 0.02ms -- that's 100 times quicker than most PC displays. The resolution's pretty non-standard, too: it runs at 2,880x900 pixels, which is what you'd get if you shoved two 1,440x900 displays side by side. No word on pricing, but it'll hopefully be available towards the end of 2008.

Last but not least was the Alienware ALX -- which drew a pretty big crowd because of the sheer outlandishness of its specification and the awesome styling of its new P2 chassis. This bad boy uses twin Core 2 Extreme Q9775 processors, clocked at 3.2GHz. That's eight cores! Then there's the 8GB of FBDIMM 800 memory, which is quicker and more reliable than conventional memory. Best of all, perhaps, is the fact it uses up to four separate graphics cards simultaneously. Honestly, it's the craziest thing since squeezable cheese. Pricing is TBC. -Rory Reid

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