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Crave Podcast 65: Best of 2007

In an extra special Crave Podcast we look back at all our favourite bits of 2007 -- including Adam Hart-Davis pondering what Romans would do with an iPod

So that's that, podcateers -- another gloriously nerdy year over, and what a year it was. In this extra special Crave Podcast we look back at all our favourite bits of 2007.

We're notoriously shocking name droppers, and 2007 added a few more to our Rolodex. The unique Adam Hart-Davis of Tomorrow's World gave us his remarkable insights into today's tech -- and what the Romans would have made of the iPod. Diggnation's Alex Albrecht pitched up for a proper English ale or two and gave us the American perspective on all things geek.

There was oddness galore in '07, from the boy who hired a hitman to kill his PlayStation-confiscating parents to the implications of a double bed on board the new Airbus. There was the racing game that takes the Wii concept to the logical extreme, and the &*%$ing welcome news that swearing is good for you. All that, and we put iTunes on trial too.

You can download episode 65 here. Normal podcast service will be resumed on Friday 4 January when we look ahead to the delights of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. All that's left is to wish you all a very dorky New Year -- here's to 2008! -Rory Reid

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