Crave Live: Modu phone hands-on video

The Modu phone is a quirky and interesting idea, but it's a difficult concept to explain. Here's a video that shows how the Modu combines itself with 'jackets' to turn into whatever device you want


Remember the Modu phone? It allowed you to pop it in and out of different 'jackets', each of which had different features, so you could effectively turn it into a multitude of devices. Confused? That's perfectly understandable, which is why we've got a video so you can see what on Earth we're talking about.

From sat-navs to smart phones, this tiny handset is a tech-filled Pop Tart just waiting for you to try its tasty filling. At the moment it's not available in the UK, but we're full-square behind the concept and hope it makes it to our smelly shores lickety-split. -Andrew Lim

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