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Crave in Comments: From popcorn to Patriot Act

Our new feature serves up some witty and thought-provoking comments from Crave readers.

Our new feature "Crave in Comments" highlights just a few of the many intelligent, provocative, and funny comments readers share about Crave stories daily. Every Friday, we'll showcase a handful of comments that caught our eye during the week. We encourage you to join the discussion and share your own opinions, quips, and creative suggestions. The more voices, the merrier the Crave chorus!

Regarding Patriot Act signed by President Autopen:

White House, Pete Souza/Maison Blanche

"If after 10 days he does not sign a bill or veto it, it automatically becomes law. The only time the lack of his signature causes a bill to not become law is at the end of a Congress (once every two years) where if he doesn't sign it and the 113th Congress is gone until the start of the 114th Congress, then it is called a 'pocket veto' and the bill dies because any business of the current Congress doesn't roll over into the next Congress. So, if his autopen signature was not entirely allowable, the bill will still automatically become law after 10 days. Either way, the Patriot act is renewed." --by MalachyNG

Regarding Popular console emulators removed from Android Market:

SNES Emulator/

"If the console makers were smart about this, they would release their own emulators for both Android and IOS, release the emulator for free with a freebie game (i.e., Tetris), and then sell their games as downloadable content inside the emulator. It's a lot easier to reduce/eliminate piracy if you provide access to a good legal alternative." --by brichard

Regarding Twenty highest-radiation cell phones:

Pong Research

"Sounds like if you went through an airport X-ray scanner while talking on, say, a Droid X, you might toast enough brain cells to hear the sound of corn popping." --by FredC1212

Regarding Kingston's Wi-Drive 'expands' iPad's memory:


"Android tablets and phones have had this for years. It's called a micro SD slot. 32GB for $175? And it's a brick to boot...and it runs on batteries. You can get a 32GB micro SD card for $55, and it's a lot smaller and doesn't require its own charger to use." --by nmwheele

Regarding Panasonic aims for 70% CO2 cut with 'smart' town:


"Anyone else notice how often the word 'smart' is used to sell you something that's inconvenient, restrictive, and entirely less than you'd like? Same thing with 'sustainable.' " --by DarkHawke