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Crave in Comments: Facebook woe to toilet seats

Every Friday we bring you a handful of crafty comments left by Crave readers.

When life hands you lemons, you make lemonade. When Crave readers hand us comments, we make shiny blog posts showcasing the best and brightest. While the lemon drink might be a little more delicious, we still think you'll enjoy our selection of jocular jives.

Freshly squeezed in regard to A tale of Facebook woe: Nobody 'Likes' me anymore:

"Seems like more people are zuckered into thinking what's on Facebook is more important than anything else in their lives." --by solitare_pax

Freshly squeezed in regard to How to tweet like a man:

"This title is a paradox. Men don't tweet. They build engines, hang Sheetrock, and chew on scrap iron. BRB, going to rev a Harley in front of a Victoria's Secret Outlet." --by chronia

Freshly squeezed in regard to Apple OS woes: The Lion ate my laptop:

"I guess the tongue-in-cheek Apple fanboys don't have much to say. Lion got your tongue?" --by jms102285
It gives you wings. Adjustable Advantage

Freshly squeezed in regard to World's smallest battery will put power everywhere:

"From the article: 'Someday the batteries could be inside your body.' Hmm.... That brings a whole new meaning to the phrase, 'got him by the balls.'" --by H00L1GAN

Freshly squeezed in regard to Adjustable Advantage toilet seat handles 1,000 lbs:

"This is EXACTLY what we need.... Forget trying to solve obesity, we should just adjust our environments to our ever expanding waistlines. Ah, capitalism." --by tormaid