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Craigslist ad offers DC Capitol sublet for $1,000

A Craigslist posting offers the currently empty Washington Capitol building for sublet. Just $1,000. A bargain, no?

Get in while you can. Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

All my favorite politicians tell me that the people's biggest enemy is waste.

I am, therefore, constitutionally uplifted by a sublet ad that has appeared on the DC Craigslist site.

It offers an 775,000-square-foot abode, with 8 bedrooms, for a mere $1,000.

This is perhaps the bargain of the century. It is a steal.

The word "steal" is currently most associated with the politicians in Congress, who still get paid during the government shutdown, while many residents and tourists are denied basic services.

How heartening, then, that the building on offer is, in fact, the US Capitol.

The ad sells the property very well: "So my roommates all left because of a job thing and I need to make rent. I really think this place is great and I've been living here for a while (incumbency FTW!). I don't want to leave but the utilities are a real bitch to afford on your own."

Yes, it's just like those apartments that all the techies share in San Francisco.

The sales blurb is actually more honest than most -- and certainly than most politicians: "Location, location, location. It's close to everything you could possibly want. The Botanical Gardens (they're temporary closed, but don't let that stop you); the metro, and plenty of bars. The bars are important, because what else are we gonna do?"

Oddly, though, it does exclude some who might want to make an offer: "About you: Must be LGBT friendly. Must not be a Republican. Don't be racist. Don't hate women. Must think poor Americans are people."

There is one final stipulation: "Oh, and don't be an Eagles fan, because, gross."

Well, you can see the point on that one.

Some will mutter than this ad is clearly illegal. However, the Capitol belongs to the people, doesn't it? And we're always been told to make a little more from what we have. So as long as the money goes back into the people's coffers, we're good.

I think the Supreme Court would back me on this one.