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Cosmonaut: My stylus is bigger than your stylus

You're secure in your geekhood, so why not use a Cosmonaut stylus? The wide-grip stylus for touch screens is more substantial than the competition.

Cosmonaut stylus
Sometimes a stylus is just a stylus. Studio Neat

The overall movement in technology is to slim things down, make them dainty, make them portable, and create ever smaller versions of hardware. Studio Neat is bucking the trend with the $25 Cosmonaut wide-grip stylus.

Cosmonaut stylus in package
The Cosmonaut comes in theme-appropriate packaging. (Click to enlarge.) Studio Neat

The Cosmonaut is proudly low-fidelity. It's meant to feel like a dry erase marker rather than a fine-point pen. It has a rubber grip and will work on just about any capacitive touch-screen device.

So why would you want a wide-grip stylus? I can think of several reasons. Maybe you want to recapture the feeling of being 2 years old and holding a crayon in your tiny hand.

Perhaps you let your young 'uns loose on your iPad and want to give them a stylus they can hang onto. Maybe you just want to add another tool to your tablet artist arsenal. It could be you're motivated to show it off to your friends. "Hey, check out my honking huge stylus!"

Whatever your reasoning, the Cosmonaut will happily step up and fill that niche of cigar-sized styli.

The Cosmonaut: A minimal, wide-grip capacitive stylus for touch screens from Studio Neat on Vimeo.

(Via Laughing Squid)