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Cooley's Logbook: 2012 Toyota Tacoma Baja Edition

Not a tremendous showcase for Toyota's tech, but a good indicator of how civilized this category has become.

I wasn't sure what to expect when we got the Tacoma in -- we don't review trucks very often and have no idea what we're doing when we take them off-road. But I approach the Tacoma Baja Edition like I do every car: As an everyday ride with some special talents.

The head unit in the Tacoma is more limited than what Toyota is capable of -- in fact, it only offers Bing search and Pandora radio apps, not the full complement of Entune apps like OpenTable and Disappointing and, I feel, an ill-advised segmentation of Entune. But the real point of this vehicle is to go off-road sometimes and to the store most times. It does all that perfectly well, even if it does so with what may be the worst-sounding exhaust I've driven in a year.

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