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Cool grilling--with water?

"Water-Cooled Barbecue Grill System" aims to create healthier backyard barbecues by cooling down the grill.

The new wave of grilling. Wellbas

Wellbas is touting their water-cooled barbecue system as a new way to keep meat tender, juicy, and healthy. "In this system, water circulates through inside of grid grate and it regulates the temperature of grid, preventing charring meat on the grill." While you may share my hesitation with such a bold antichar statement, it should be noted that over charring food can create carcinogenic compounds. Add that to the fact that, according to Wellbas, overall fat is minimized by allowing it to escape through the uncharred food and it become clear that there is some serious reasoning behind this creation.

Not only is it serious, but it is also complicated. I mean, whoever heard of needing a heat exchanger or circulation pump to grill up some grub? However, that's exactly what the Wellbas system is all about. Water is pumped from a reservoir through the actual grill, which is then cooled down again via the heat exchanger that is assisted by a fan motor pumping cool air from the environment. Then it does it all over again. Wow. I may never look at a grilled chicken breast the same way again.

Needless to say, such a device does not come cheap. Currently the Korean company sells the units for several thousands of dollars each, but they state they are continuing to seek out partners. If they match up with a large manufacturer, it is not unlikely that we may soon be thinking of barbecue in a whole new way.