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Cool coffee mug, but cold coffee?

The Brugo travel mug claims to let you enjoy your drink at the perfect temperature, but does it deliver?

I spend more time than I would like shuttling children around town to school, lessons, play dates, speech therapy, and other fun engagements. I've heard this crazy rumor that there are people who actually work outside their homes and still have to drive to a separate location every day, too. So it seems that a lot of us find ourselves on the go quite a bit. And if you need a coffee fix as badly as I do, you know that you need an on-the-go solution.

The Jazz collection offers bright colors; more muted offerings are also available. Brugo

The Brugo travel mug, featured in the December issue of Self Magazine, claims to solve the dilemma that has plagued coffee drinkers for years. You pour the coffee into your travel mug, hop in the car, and take a sip, only to scald your tongue beyond any ability to taste.

The Brugo mug features a "tip and cool" setting that lets you tip the cup away from you for about two seconds and then moves about a sip's worth of coffee into a cooling chamber. Then you can drink it at a more palatable temperature, while the rest of your coffee stays hot and delicious.

Reviews at Amazon are mixed, with a trend towards lower scores. Users say the cup leaks during travel, and that the overall window for hot coffee is shorter than with other mugs. But the mug does come in a variety of bright colors, so even if you're sipping cold coffee, you can look pretty fashionable.