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Competition the source of Xbox warranty good will

Many bloggers are praising Microsoft's decision to extend its 90-day Xbox 360 warranty to a year, which brings its warranty length in line with those of rival next-gen video game consoles from Sony and Nintendo.

Xbox 360

Some see the move as a holiday gift for gamers, particularly those who have experienced problems with the devices and can now take advantage of the extension, which is retroactive.

But while praising the software giant for prioritizing customer service, they also note that the move is after the fact--after a public outcry--and a year-long warranty should have been offered when the console was launched more than a year ago. Thank goodness for industry competition, they note.

Blog community response:

"Sorry Microsoft, hate to be backseat CEOs here, but we really think it might behoove you to actually do the right thing from the start one of these days. We're all proud of you for finally patching things up for your consumers in these recent Xbox problems, but why is it so important that you wait for a class action lawsuit and/or heated public outcry before you come around?"

"Is Microsoft really serving the customer, or are they just playing follow the leader(s) with the Wii and PS3 warranties of one year each? Because they are refunding the costs of repairs, Microsoft seems to truly be making an effort, one that is much appreciated by the owners of broken 360s."

"I've had an Xbox 360 since December 2005 and haven't had any problems with my unit (that's not entirely true; it has locked up twice while playing the single-player campaign in Halo 2, but no issues with any 360 games) but this move by Microsoft is definitely customer-centric, so kudos to them. What a great way to inspire confidence in someone who's teetering between buying a PS3, Wii or Xbox 360."

"Ninety days? One year? You gotta be kidding...In the European community EVERY product (from consumer electronics to cars) MUST carry, at least, a full TWO years warranty. No one would ever buy a product with a one year warranty, let alone 90 days."
--Aemarques on CNET's TalkBack