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Tech Industry

Compaq cuts prices up to 39%

The leading PC manufacturer reduces prices on a variety of Deskpro and ProLinea models by up to 39 percent.

    Another day, another round of price cuts from Compaq Computer (CPQ).

    The leading PC manufacturer announced today that it was reducing prices on a variety of Deskpro and ProLinea models by up to 39 percent.

    Deskpro 2000 models will start at $1,099 for a 100-MHz Pentium processor, 630MB EIDE hard drive, and 8MB of memory. The Deskpro 2000 model 5133 gets the largest price cut, a 17 percent reduction to $1,520 for a 133-MHz Pentium, 2.5GB EIDE hard drive, and 16MB of memory.

    Deskpro 4000 models now start at $1,315 for a 120-MHz Pentium, 1GB hard drive, and 16MB of memory. Compaq has cut the price on a model 5166 with 166-MHz Pentium, 2.5GB SMART EIDE hard drive, and LS120 floppy drive by 17 percent to $2,050.

    At the high end of the Deskpro line, the Deskpro 6000 includes 64-bit graphics accelerator, an 8X CD-ROM, and Windows NT Workstation as its standard operating system choice. Prices for the line start at $2,299 for a 166-MHz Pentium with 1GB UltraSCSI drive and 16MB of memory, down 18 percent. The Deskpro 6000 Model 5200 with 200-MHz Pentium and 32MB of memory gets the largest price cut, with from $3,460 to $2,865.

    The only ProLinea to get a price reduction is the 6150e M1080/CD with 150-MHz Pentium Pro processor, 1GB hard drive, 4X CD-ROM, and 16MB of memory. Price has been reduced 32 percent to $1,520. A Deskpro XL 6150 with the same processor, 2.1GB Fast SCSI-2 hard drive, and 32MB of memory is now priced at $2,599, a 39 percent reduction.

    Compaq also said it was slashing the price of its Netelligent 3612 100Base-T Ethernet repeaters from $3,710 to $3,357. Netelligent 3512 Fast Ethernet repeaters have had the price reduced from $2,781 to $1,993.

    Compaq says all these numbers are estimated street prices and effective immediately.