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ComiXology launches indie self-publishing platform

ComiXology has launched Submit, a new self-publishing platform for independent comic creators.

ComiXology has launched Submit, a new self-publishing platform for independent comic creators.

(Screenshot by Michelle Starr/CNET Australia)

ComiXology has for a long time been our favourite distributor of digital comics. The cross-platform distributor has a massive stable of comics publishers, both large and small, as well as an excellent selection at very reasonable prices — and it's great for keeping the longbox pile down.

Now it has opened its doors to independent self-publishers with a platform that allows creators to get their work on the map.

Called Submit, the new platform is free to use. All you need is a ComiXology account (the one you use to buy comics) and a digital copy of your book. Once you've submitted your work, it will join a queue for ComiXology's approval process. When the book has been approved, it will be formatted with ComiXology's Guided View reading technology.

This approval process hasn't been fully defined yet, with ComiXology noting that it's a work in progress — although approved comics will have to adhere to the "level of professional content that ComiXology users have come to expect from our platform".

There are some good things about the new platform. The best is that creators retain all rights to their work — which is a pretty great deal, given comic publishers' history of ripping off creators' intellectual property (IP). This also means that as a creator, you are free to publish elsewhere.

It's also more lucrative, percentage wise, than getting published by a print publisher; after credit card or mobile distribution fees have been extracted (as much as 30 per cent), the remaining net profit is split 50-50 with ComiXology. So, while your cut could be as little as 35 per cent, it could be as much as nearly 50 per cent.

Before you blow a gasket, remember that indie comic creators going through the print market get a much worse deal.

Payments will be delivered to creators 45 days after end of quarter, so long as a book has made more than US$100.

And, to make sure creators get visibility, ComiXology will run a series of campaigns to promote content.

Check it out — or submit your own work — here on ComiXology Submit.