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Comcast to offer identity fraud protection service

The Internet service provider adds identity fraud protection to anti-botnet service.

Comcast is expanding its free Constant Guard anti-botnet service for Xfinity customers to add identity fraud detection to its anti-malware and secure backup service.

The Internet service provider launched a trial of Constant Guard in 2009 and took it nationwide last September, alerting customers when their computers appear to have been compromised by malware.

On Thursday, the company will be adding Identity Guard from Intersections Inc. to its Norton Security Suite and Secure Backup & Share service. The services are free with an Xfinity Internet service subscription.

Customers can pay more for additional identity fraud protection services such as proactive monitoring, alerts of personal information such as Social Security numbers, and access to full credit profiles and scores.

Updated 9:31 a.m. PT to clarify that identity guard is the only new service.