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Color laser printer goes for $99.98 shipped (after rebate)

Staples has the Samsung CLP-300, a compact color laser, on sale for $99.98. However, that's after a hefty $150 mail-in rebate.


Remember the Samsung CLP-300 compact color laser printer from a couple months back? It was a refurbished unit for around $125. Now, Staples has the Samsung CLP-300 new for $99.98 shipped (after a $150 mail-in rebate).

Yeah, that's a pretty hefty rebate to wait on, though I think Staples has a pretty good reputation in that department (you can submit the form online, and you don't need to hassle with UPC stickers or anything like that). The bigger caveat is that the printer itself is just mediocre, according to CNET's review and the reviews of other Staples customers. Apparently it prints slowly and jams easily. That said, a new color laser printer for under $100 is rarer than a controversy-free presidential election, so this could be a good choice if you have modest printing needs. Plus, it's compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux systems.

One last note: As with most color lasers, consumables for this printer will cost you more than the printer itself. A black toner cartridge runs about $60, while the three color cartridges sell for around $45 apiece (when purchased together). That's a toner bill of about $200--ouch!