CNET UK Podcast video live from CES 2011: A feast for your eyes and ears

Our latest podcast is a veritable sensory extravaganza, as we filmed our merry band of techno loons live on the CES show floor in Las Vegas.

Tech Culture

Our latest podcast is a seven-course banquet for the peepers, as well as the lugholes. We filmed our merry band of techno loons while they recorded their latest show live on the CES show floor in Las Vegas, with special guests from around the CNET world. 

CNET UK podcast chief Ian Morris is joined by fellow caster of pods Luke Westaway,'s Natali Morris and CNET Australia's Ty Pendlebury. Together, they discuss the burning tech topics of the day, such as glasses-free 3D, dual-core phones, tablets and, er, the Angry Birds board game

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