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CNET UK Podcast 286: The Samsung Galaxy S3 cometh

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has finally arrived. Was it worth the wait -- and is it worth your money?

They said this day would never come -- but the Samsung Galaxy S3 has finally been unveiled. Was it worth the wait? Is it the best phone ever? Is it new and exciting enough? We digest all these questions and more.

Join the merry CNET UK team as we gather around the mic in our solitary podcast cell and cast our minds over the burning technology questions of this week. We've got the S3 on our brains, so we've picked apart the most important questions relating to the hottest phone of the year. You're welcome.

Rich, Andy and Luke get all giddy about the top tech of the week, including the S3, the Nikon D800, Spotify on the iPad and a telly dangling from the ceiling. But which bit of kit claims the Crave kudos and wins the day?

Plus, we turn to you, eager listener, for your thoughts in the feedback section. What do you think of the S3? Are you, like Luke, reassured by steady updates to new gadgets -- or, like Andy, rabid for ever more wondrous and unexpected new features? Is the S3 a worthy upgrade or a disappointment?

Remember, whether you're looking for help and advice with your newest or oldest gadgets, or you have something to say on the tech issues of the day, leave us a comment below or blow off steam on our Facebook page -- it's chock-ful of like-minded gadget geeks and behind-the-scenes glimpses at CNET Towers.

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