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CNET UK Podcast 282: Has Ice Cream Sandwich failed?

We ask whether Ice Cream Sandwich has flopped, plus all the week's hottest tech news on this week's podcast.

Ice Cream Sandwich was one of the most anticipated software updates in living memory, but five months since launching, is the latest, greatest version of Android a flop?

Android 4.0 is languishing on a mere 2.9 per cent of 'droid devices, with manufacturers doing a rubbish job of updating their existing phones. It's time we asked the question -- has Ice Cream Sandwich failed? Or is it just biding its time?

That's the topic of our feature this week -- hit play on the little box to the right to hear CNET UK techsperts Luke Westaway, Andrew Hoyle and Jason Jenkins thrash it out.

We'll also be chatting about new laws that would let the government snoop on your communication, Android getting a good deal trendier thanks to Instamatic, and a run-down of the best April Fool's gags from around the Interwebs.

Moving on to Crave, we'll be arguing over who's found the coolest tech this week -- Luke has good things to say about Super Meat Boy on the iPhone, and Andy has gone all gooey over the Alienware X51 gaming PC. Jason, meanwhile, is craving the slender, powerful HTC One S.

As per usual, we'll also be rattling through your excellent feedback and awarding a badge for the best comment. We love hearing your feedback, so keep it coming on our Facebook wall, via Twitter or by sticking some words in the comments below.

And of course we'll be rounding off with another exciting instalment of Otamatone review, where our favourite bleeping friend offers his view on the latest gadgetry.

Enjoy, folks!

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