CNET UK Podcast 269: Back to school

We ask whether today's schools are equipping kids for the digital world, and look back at our own school computing, as well as ahead to the CES tech show.

The Commodore 64 is 30, so the podcast team is waxing nostalgic. We look back on the computing and tech knowledge we learnt at school, and ask whether today's schools are equipping kids for the big bad digital world.

Plus we take a look at the news in the first week of 2012, and choose our favourite gadgets that landed in the days since the new year rang in.

Many of our readers are getting increasingly frustrated with the state of Android updates, and we discuss numbers as it's revealed Ice Cream Sandwich is on a tiny fraction of Android phones, and nearly half of Android devices haven't even made it to Gingerbread.

The rumours have started too: we look forward to the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S3. Finally, in Sweden file sharing has been recognised as a right -- or should that be rite? -- as the church of Kopimism is officially recognised as a religion. And the air turns blue as Siri on the Apple iPhone 4S fires a torrent of abuse at a startled child. 

Ringing in the new year with a selection of our favourite gadgets, Andy picks out the Atomic Floyd SuperDarts, Rich gets his hands on the Nikon D4, rival to the Canon EOS-1D X, and Luke comes to the rescue with the PAWS dog camera rescue system.

And we look back at our education in computers and technology in or school days. In the early days of computing for kids, we had the BBC Micro in schools and the Commodore 64 at home, if we were lucky.

But do schools, then and now, teach kids enough about computers? Microsoft, Google and Sony don't think so, as the number of pupils learning advanced computers science skills falls. When every young'un has a smart phone and fistful of social network profiles, what are the basic skills our younglings should be equipped with? Is a grasp of Word and Excel enough? Are our kids being taught to be safe online? 

We asked you to reminisce about your first experiences of computing, which was highly enlightening. And we discuss your questions about camera phones and living in the moment.

Next week there's a special treat for listeners: the podcast is coming to you live from Las Vegas next week! Tune in on Wednesday at 6.15am to see the CNET UK team report live on video from new-tech extravaganza CES at, or look out for the finished recording appearing in your iTunes as normal shortly afterwards.

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