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CNET UK Podcast 248: Smart phone dumb-down

Ofcom says smart phones are cutting into our leisure time, but we say Angry Birds is the definition of fun. Is it time for a mobile intervention?

It's Flora's last ever podcast before she leaves CNET UK, and she celebrates by running around the podcast table, draped in a Canadian flag and high-fiveing all the microphones.

It's the perfect occasion for a massive phone-themed rant about Ofcom's latest study saying we're all becoming lazy mobile-addicted layabouts who couldn't maintain a relationship with a garden hedge. We also have possibly the most fail-ridden Crave of all time.




Ofcom says 37 per cent of adults and 60 per cent of kids who have smart phones are 'highly addicted' to them, and that they're giving up 'other leisure activities' to spend more time fiddling with their smart phones. But among the top five things on the list are 'surfing the Web' and 'using a paper map'.

We call hornswoggle on the whole goshdarn report and break it down to the actual factoids.


We hear what you think of the Google patent troll news, the latest BlackBerry phones, and how the podcast is taking over your hard drives.

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Flora's Fact Farm

All Flora's phone knowledge will be wiped from the database at midnight, so it's time for a brain dump lest those facts be lost to humanity for ever. What phone to buy, how to get the cheapest deal, and the factors to think about that you won't find in a review.

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