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CNET UK Podcast 112: We know where the BNP lives

This week, we find out where the BNP is living, laugh at a man who blamed an iPhone glitch for sending his naughty bits to women he wasn't married to, and we watch more idiots

It's episode 112 of CNET UK's beloved podcast and we've lined up a cracker. This week, Ian, Nate and Andrew discuss a wide range of topics from BNP supporters to yet another rabid Apple fanboy.

The biggest news story of the week has to be the leak of the BNP membership list, which has already exposed some police officers as members of the far-right political group. Technology always pushes boundaries with a big story, and this is no exception. In mere moments, someone had mashed up a Google map that let you see which neighbourhoods had the most BNP members -- there's even a site with a postcode search to find your nearest members.

In other news, Yahoo chairman Jerry Yang stepped down as head of the company, after his shareholders pelted him with rotten fruit (this may not have happened). We learnt that President-elect Obama has a significant BlackBerry habit that he needs to shift before he takes office. There was also the good news that Project Kangaroo, the video on-demand service backed by the BBC, ITV and Channel 4, should get its first closed trial in January. And determined not to be left out, Monty Python announced its own YouTube channel, to cut illegal use of its material and make some hard cash.

Our cravings this week consisted of the new LG Prada phone for Andrew, some tasty, tasty Sennheiser headphones from Nate and Ian lusted after a £2,000 LED backlit TV from Philips.

Our Idiot Watch feature has taken a new direction -- with Nate past saving, we turn our critical eye to another hapless Apple fanboy, who has managed to get apples (the fruit) to bear the logo of Apple (the tediously hyped hardware company).

As always, we did our best to answer a couple of your questions from our forums. Including when is the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 actually going to get reviewed and what sort of TV should someone buy for around £600?

With all the important business out of the way, that left us to ponder why a man would photograph his naughty bits. Then send those photographed naughty bits to a woman that wasn't his wife. And then blame the whole thing on a technical glitch with his iPhone.

If you've got a question for us or want to meet like-minded tech fans in the CNET UK community, head over to the Podcast Lounge in the forums.

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