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CNET Live - Episode 96

Rick Broida from CNET's Cheapskate blog joins us to talk bargains.

Rick Broida from CNET's Cheapskate blog joins us to talk bargains.

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Things we crave:

EchoStar unveils Tru2way cable version of its SlingLoaded DVR

Flat, flexible speakers could make walls speak

Downloads of the week

ReactOS 0.3.8

MacHeist 3 Bundle

First Look

Skype for iPhone

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Your video calls:

Max from England asked how to get 5.1 surround sound from his iMac into his speaker system. If he has a TOSlink cable already, he can use a TOSlink to optical mini adapter. Or for a bit more money you can get a cord that goes right from the headphone out jack on the iMac to the optical in on the other end. The length of the optical TOSlink plug here is 1/4-inch longer than an analog plug. That activates a switch on the port that tells the Mac it's an optical cable. Find out more at this Macrumours forum thread. Don't forget to make sure your outputting surround sound as well. Plex is a great piece of Mac software for that. Your calls:

We had a couple calls about partitioning and cloning hard drives. Gparted is my favorite. You can use it for cloning drives too, but you can also try Clonezilla.

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