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Software does it again (and not in a good way)

Not only does the company make it hard to cancel your membership, but also it still sends you spam.

Last year I ranted about how nickels-and-dimes its users. While every other social networking site (at least that I've seen) doesn't charge its members to read messages, does. If you have a free membership (as I did), and some long lost high school friend decides to contact you, you can't read their message until you pay up for a "gold membership." As if. After thinking about it, I decided to cancel my membership. Here is where it gets really good. While there appeared to be an online option for canceling, I kept getting an "internal service error." I tried canceling online a few times. I was successful only after I e-mailing a representative. However, "gold members" can only cancel by asking the Classmates customer service team to do it.

To me, none of these policies make customer friendly, or easy to use. I contacted Classmates' media representative in November for comment, but I have not received a response. To top it off, I received spam from the company today. Nowhere in the e-mail did the company give an option to "unsubscribe." Argh!