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Cisco just barely beats expectations

No big surprises from Cisco Systems, the biggest networking vendor in the world, as it reports earnings on Tuesday.

The company reported results slightly above Wall Street expectations and inline with its own growth projections. Cisco made 23 cents a share on sales of $6.19 billion during the quarter. Analysts had expected the company to make a profit of 22 cents a share on sales of $6.16 billion.

Cisco's stock has languished for the past several quarters as some folks wonder how much growth is left in the networking behemoth.

Analysts and investors will be listening closely on the conference call, which starts at 4:30 PM east coast time for signs of increased spending among Cisco's core enterprise customers. For several quarters now CEO John Chambers has said that his customers have been "cautious" in their spending patterns. Cisco is often viewed as a bellwether in the industry, so any indication that spending will increase could mean good news to competitors and other tech companies in the sector.

Stay tuned for more updates.