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Chrome modders take a shine to iMacs

A new bling trend may be in the making.


This may be the best news all year in the flawed world of gadget fashion: Gold could be facing a serious challenge as the luxury look of choice. And the pretender to the throne may not be a precious metal at all.

Witness this brewing battle in custom Macs. Only a few months ago, an outfit called Chromac offered some fetching photos of an iMac with a mirrored patina worthy of the company's name. But now there's a rival service from Computer Choppers, which showed off its Midas touch with the MacBook around the same time but has since found all that glitters isn't necessarily gold.

The bling-minded CC is now pitching a chromed-out 24-inch iMac to blind anyone passing by your desk on a sunny day. But if you also want to flaunt your obscene wealth, Technabob says the modders will also do it in platinum or white gold, as well as a dozen other platings. Who knew 50 Cent would have so much influence over computer trends?