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Cheap Sony earbuds for the gym

The Sony MDR-AS20J Active Headphones are a suitable choice for MP3 player owners who simply want a more secure pair of earphones for the gym, but don't need better audio quality than that of stock earbuds.

MDR-AS20J headphones: Good for the gym and the wallet. Sony

Although the headphone market continues to burgeon with new models, it can be surprisingly tough to find a decent, fitness-friendly pair. A few companies, such as Sennheiser, have stepped up to the plate with sport-branded earphones that feature design attributes meant to keep them secured on the head during activity. Now, we can add Sony to the list. The company has released an impressive array of Active Headphones, the $20 MDR-AS20J among them. These interestingly designed earphones are suitable for the gym, although not all users will be able to get a good fit, so runners should take heed. Also, they're not the best-sounding set in the Active line, but they are the cheapest, making them a solid option for fitness buffs on a budget.

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