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Changing tires on a moving car

I've done a lot of crazy things while drunk (like sign up for a blogging gig at CNET--zing!) but I've never had enough courage-juice to try this.

My Arabic isn't what it could be, so I don't have a lot of information about this clip that I spotted on Jalopnik, but it appears to show a group of brave Saudi youth changing a tire on a moving vehicle.

The tags associated with the video, when translated using Google's free service, are "Hjulh + Youth," "Saudi Arabia," "TV hit," "Cars," "tampering," and "Smurfs." The "Smurfs" part confuses me, as does the title, "Karob Smurfs Drunk," which was going to be the name of my autobiography, but now I must change it.

So I did a little more digging and found that the Snfor_Skran Group, mentioned by the person who posted the video, translates as "Smurf Club." Snfor appears to be a word for Smurf, and a Skran is a club, and according to a translation of their home page, they're a drunken Smurf Car Club. I'm OK with that.

There's some speculation in the comments section about whether the video is a fake (four-wheel drive? all-wheel drive? etc.). However, one person suggests doing a search on "Lada Stunt Team," and such a search yields this video--which seems to suggest that this sort of shenanigan is, indeed, possible to pull off.

You can't say I didn't teach you something useful today. Now back to your iPad 2 rumors.