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Centrino, Viiv, now vPro: Intel introduces new biz PC brand

Centrino, Viiv, now vPro: Intel introduces new biz PC brand

Further corralling tech concepts under marketing-friendly brand names, Intel today announced vPro, a business PC brand that flaunts the IT-friendly capabilities of its new Conroe platform. Citing improved power efficiency, easier problem diagnosis and repair, and OS virtualization capabilities, Intel claims that vPro will ultimately bring down corporate tech support costs.

How exactly this will happen is to be determined. In order for vPro to matter, software and hardware vendors have to design their products to take specific advantage of the platform's capabilities. Intel announced a list of supporting vendors, among them Adobe, Altiris, Cisco, Skype, and Symantec. Gregory Bryant, the general manager of the Intel's digital office platforms group, also told us that all of the major system vendors, including Dell, HP, and Lenovo, will offer vPro-branded desktops starting in the third quarter of this year, with laptop systems to follow in Q1 2007.