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Centrino gets a boost from Mariah

Intel has managed to keep Mariah Carey on message for 30 seconds in order to produce the singer's first television ad, a new spot for Intel's Centrino Duo technology.

Carey, nominated for eight Grammy awards, will show off her vocal range in an ad that will appear first during Wednesday's showing of the Grammys. The ad will show Mariah sitting on the lap of a lucky library patron as part of Intel's new campaign showing off the entertainment possibilities of laptop computers with the Centrino Duo package of chips.

Carey's career appeared as dead as Intel's ill-fated Whitefield server chip just a few years ago, after a bizarre appearance on MTV and the traditional celebrity hospitalization for reasons of "exhaustion." But her 2005 album "The Emancipation of Mimi" is up for Album of the Year during the award show, where she will also perform.