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Cellwatch is finally ready for debut

The Australian-made watch phone seems a lot less exciting than previously thought.


Well, that was a disappointment. Last year we were intrigued by concept photos of a next-generation watch phone from SMS Technology that looked like an iPhone strapped to a wrist. But now the "Cellwatch M500" is scheduled to launch in March, and it looks pretty much like so many other other watch phones that seem to come out every other month.

The Australian-made M500, however, may be one of the few models that doesn't come from a generic Chinese company, which will undoubtedly give it more credibility among potential consumers. At the same time, its price--about $900--is several times higher.

Even more curious, it remains unclear which market the M500 is aimed for. At the top of its gallery page, for example, was a photo of two adolescent boys wearing the watch--which, in our book, doesn't exactly represent the most lucrative market for a fully loaded gadget that costs almost a grand.