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Can sports save movie theaters?

The movie theater business has obviously faced its share of problems, from to . But the industry may finally have at least one idea that might help its besieged business.


Rather than simply continue to fight a losing battle in traditional movies, theater operators are exploring the screening of 3D sports events by 2007. This makes a lot of sense, mirroring a transition made by sports stadiums decades ago with non-sporting events: When professional teams aren't playing, their facilities typically host events ranging from rock concerts to ice skating. So why shouldn't theaters take a similar route and expand beyond movies, especially with the emergence of new technologies such as 3D broadcasts that don't require the red-and-blue paper glasses to watch?

Whether this will be enough to save the business, however, is another question.

Blog community response:

"This is a nice idea for movie theaters, and I am sure they will get some traffic from it, but sports unfortunately find 'sports bars' a better home. Theaters may draw in the families and the 3D gimic will be neat to go and see--with six-pack in pockets."
--Media Evolution

"If the prices are right I think this idea has potential. Just imagine how this would do for the sold out games? If this should become a reality at least it shows theater owners thinking outside the box and whining about box office receipts being down."
--Make You Go Hmm

"If you have a theater with more than 4 or 5 screens, you should be able to take one and do things with it that you haven't thought of before and make a lot more money than might with a low-rate movie."