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Camp coffee just like at home

The Coleman Portable Propane Coffeemaker operates almost like the familiar home appliance. The coffeemaker offers the ability to brew coffee independent of a camping stove.

Operates for more than 4 hours per propane cylinder.
Operates for more than 4 hours per propane cylinder. Coleman

Modern times necessitate an occasional escape back to nature. However, one nice part about being able to get away from it all is the ability to bring some of it with you. While the blaring TV is always a good thing to leave behind, other modern appliances have evolved past the point of convenience to honest-to-goodness can't-live-without-them items.

The Coleman Portable Propane Coffeemaker looks and operates just like the familiar elixir-maker that lives on the kitchen countertop--except for one important difference. Powered by propane rather than an electrical outlet, the portable coffeemaker is designed for outdoor living.

Drip coffee is a classic and messing with the classics is never recommended. Using a standard (16.4 ounces) propane cylinder, the easy-to-operate outdoor appliance brews a pot of coffee in 18 minutes. With a 10-cup capacity and more than 4 hours of operating time (per canister), the coffeemaker frees up valuable space on a camping stove, which could be better put to use for that other great camping classic: bacon and eggs. And as a special consideration for those who truly want their coffee made just like it is at home, the coffeemaker is also available with a glass carafe.

Via Cool Material