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Call of Duty: Ghosts trailer sees average Joes shoot it out

Call of Duty: Ghosts has a new live-action trailer, featuring average schlubs shooting it out in Vegas.

Call of Duty: Ghosts goes on sale on Tuesday, and ahead of the release, Activision has put out a live-action trailer.

It shows four average schlubs, armed to the teeth, take on an army of snipers and special forces types. The idea being that you -- yes, you -- can be a soldier too. It also features Megan Fox in a slightly cheesy cameo. I've embedded it below so you can take a look through your sniper scope.

Pretty good, eh? Looks like Activision has thrown plenty of money at it. I love seeing Vegas in such a decrepit state as well. That's kind of how it feels after four days at CES.

I'm not so sure about the Megan Fox cameo though. It would be good if women were given bigger roles in video games, instead of being relegated to sultry assassins, strippers and prostitutes. Activision has also signed up Eminem, who debuted his song Survival on one of the trailers. Slim Shady is in bed with another tech giant, too. In the States, The Marshall Mathers LP2 is the first album to stream in its entirety on iTunes Radio ahead of release.

The launch of a new Call of Duty game is a massive date in gamers' diaries. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 made $500 million in its first day when it launched in November last year. At the time, it was the biggest entertainment launch ever. Until Grand Theft Auto V came along and robbed it of its accolade, that is.

Wonder what Nick Clegg makes of it all. 

The latest instalment in the Call of Duty series will also be available for PS4 and Xbox One, as well as the current generation of consoles. The PS4 version arrives on Tuesday alongside the PS3 and Xbox 360 ones, while the Xbox One version won't be on sale until 15 November. Not that it makes much difference, seeing as the next-gen consoles don't go on sale until later in the month.

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