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C# 3.0 support coming for Mono

Mono, Novell's open-source implementation of Microsoft's .Net technology, will get support for version 3.0 of the C# programming language developed for the technology, project leader Miguel de Icaza said.

"Yes, we will be implementing C# 3.0," de Icaza said on his blog Thursday. Version 3.0 adds about a dozen language features to version 2.0, but adding the support has been a lower priority than fixing bugs in current technology, he said.

In an interview, de Icaza said the work requires three major parts, each requiring about three months of work, and then another three months to integrate the new features. "That being said, I have not decided yet when we will start on C# 3.0," he added.

.Net uses software called a common language runtime (CLR) that executes the actual programs written in C# or other languages. Building that technology, also called a virtual machine, for different operating systems means that programs can at least in principle run on a variety of different computer types--in Novell's case, Linux.

C# version 3.0 was released in October 2005.