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Bye-bye boring, black computer bag

If you're like me, you're impressed with the trendy bags toted around town, but resolve that they're just not practical. After all, how are they going to safely hold your laptop and accessories, not to mention your iPod, wallet and everything else that fills that boring but dependable black computer bag?

Incase Tote
Credit: One & Co

The Incase Tote, however, might just offer that perfect marriage of functionality and fashion. Designed by San Francisco-based One & Co specifically for Apple products, the Incase Tote, which has just hit retail shelves, features a removable laptop sleeve, pockets for accessories and even an iPod pouch with a headphone cord management system. It comes in three different collections and ranges in price from $200 to $285.

One & Co partner Jonah Becker said the bag was designed with his wife in mind. "Every morning I drop my wife off at the train and watch her struggle to hop out of the car with her collection of bags, her laptop case, purse, gym bag," he said. "I call her 'the bag lady.'"

The tote is just one of many Apple-oriented accessories made by Irwindale, Calif.-based Incase. Incase products are no longer sold on the company's site, and it might take a couple weeks before the tote is up for viewing. But if you're anxious, you can download a product information sheet as a PDF. Some of the retailers that carry the bag include Subject Matter in Costa Mesa, Calif.; Local.35 in Portland, Ore.; GSI EXIM in New York; Sunneshine in Denver and Coolest Shopin Eugene, Ore.