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<b>VST Zip drive issues

VST Zip drive issues

Slow downs on a 5300 Andreas Kadavanich is using a VST Zip drive expansion bay module with his PowerBook 5300. He finds "severe slowdowns" with the Zip extension installed, especially if TCP/IP is also active. For example, it may take as long as 12 seconds for a keystroke or mouseclick to be registered. VST Tech support acknowledged the problem as follows: "The problem you have reported is just starting to surface. Please try and understand that this is a new product and we are working out the kinks. New extensions are being developed for PowerBook 5300 users. This group seems to be the only ones effected by this issue of slowing down."

Install directions Richard Gaylord cautions that the directions for installing the VST Zip drive in a PowerBook may be a bit incomplete. In particular, after booting from the Zip Tools disk, make sure that the PowerBook's internal drive is selected as the startup device in the Startup Disk control panel (the directions do not mention this). Otherwise, when you run the Installer, the Zip extension may be placed in the Zip Tools disk (or get placed nowhere at all) rather than in your PowerBook's System Folder. If this happens, the PowerBook may not recognize a Zip disk when it is inserted into the module. VST Tech Support assisted Richard in solving this problem.

Security cable blocked? Richard and Andreas also write that, at least with a PowerBook 5300, when the Zip module is inserted, it blocks the ability to attach a security cable (such as the one from Kensington) because the Zip module protrudes in front preventing the full insertion of the cable.