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Buy someone else's MySpace pals

You can buy handbags, blenders and vintage Tupperware on eBay, but did you know you can also spring for 100,000 friends? That's what one bidder got by purchasing someone's account for more than two grand late last month. The seller claims to have more than 100,000 friends on his or her MySpace profile (while the gender of the seller is unclear, the sell page does sport a picture of a buxom blonde).

The online space, according to the seller, was registered on the social-networking site four years ago, and was one of the first 50,000 accounts. Bidding started at $2,000, with the winning bid (by someone with the eBay user name "girlsliketheboyswithferraris") hitting $2,125.

At most recent glance, there were somewhere around 10 MySpace accounts for auction on eBay. One seller says he or she has a million MySpace friends.