Button Disabler error messages: Apple explains

Button Disabler error messages: Apple explains


Regarding problems with Button Disabler 1.2 (as mentioned here last time), a representative from Apple writes: "It appears that we posted a version of the Button Disabler 1.2 disk image without a Read Me document. Additionally, a text document appeared next to the disk image on Apple Software Update sites that incorrectly stated that the control panel will work with "Performa/LC 5xx series computers." Button Disabler 1.2 was updated for users with a Performa or Power Macintosh 52xx, 53xx, 62xx, 63xx, 5400, 6400, 5500, or 6500 series computers and adds no new functionality." A new upload of the control panel, with the Read Me file included, should be posted by early next week.

The email message I received included a copy of the forthcoming Read Me file. (Thanks also to Dave Evans, of Apple Computer, who similarly forwarded me a copy of the Read Me file.) Here is the critical text from the document:

If you see the message "The control panel 'Button Disabler' cannot be used with this computer" make sure you have installed Mac OS version 7.6.1 or later. Version 1.2 of the Button Disabler control panel will not open on versions of the Mac OS before 7.6.1. Also, version 1.2 of the Button Disabler control panel does not support any Quadra or LC series computers or computers with a PowerPC upgrade card. Continue to use the version 1.1 of the Button Disabler with those Quadra and LC series computers.

To see the entire Read Me file, click here.

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