Build a better coffee mug brick by brick

The ThinkGeek Build-On Brick Mug is an inviting way to start the day. Designed to be used with popular building-brick sets, the coffee mug is meant to spark creativity.

Those who get easily distracted may want to look away.
Those who get easily distracted may want to look away. ThinkGeek

Coffee in the morning is no small matter. Decisions get made while sipping the caffeinated brew, decisions that shape the day. Like an architect, we construct plans, piece by piece, layer by layer, until a form emerges. Of course, that usually doesn't involve the actual coffee cup. But then again, who is to say it cannot?

The ThinkGeek Build-On Brick Mug ($19.99) is a coffee mug designed to appeal to designers of all ages. The interactive mug invites users to fiddle with it, stacking popular parts onto their own creations. Exactly what those popular parts might be is, of course, of utmost importance; the last thing anybody wants to do is wrestle with their morning beverage.

Rest assured, the mug is compatible with Lego, PixelBlocks, Mega Bloks, Kre-O, or K'Nex Bricks. The mug itself doesn't come with any bricks; it's strictly BYOB.

Mornings become more inviting (heck, make that any time of day) with this fun coffee mug, but it is not all fun and games. Some might say that without a cup of coffee in hand, nothing would ever get accomplished. Then again, that depends on what is to be accomplished. If building a city or a space station is on the list, then there is a good chance the project will be completed before it is time for a refill.

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