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<b>Shut down freezes in Mac OS 7.6.1: a follow-up

Shut down freezes in Mac OS 7.6.1: a follow-up

Freezes that occur when shutting down can occur for avariety of reasons. We are trying to focus here on symptoms (and yes, I know that not everyone has these symptoms) that began only after updating to Mac OS 7.6.1 (as mentioned previously). In that regard, readers have offered avariety of potential solutions. Here are a couple of the most promising ones:

a. RAM disk involved Initial reports suggested that many of these freezes were related to having a RAM disk installed. Turning off the RAM disk allowed shut down to proceed normally. Alex Maluta had this exact problem running 7.6.1 on his Quadra 840av. He came up with a solution, which you can try if you are up to editing the hex code of your System file. Click here to find out the details.

b. Open Transport involved Most other suggestions continued to focus on OT as a cause. For example, Frank Taylor found that shut down freezes on his Performa 6300 only happened after connecting online via a modem (using OT/PPP or FreePPP) with Open Transport 1.1.2 .
Tony Euser said that unchecking TCP/IP's "Load only when needed" option worked for him.

c. After Dark and FileSaver? Neil Meyers writes: "Turns out After Dark Online (ver.2.0) and Norton's FileSaver (ver. 3.2.1) are incompatible and may cause the shut down freeze. This comes from Berkeley Systems themselves; and although they claim turning off File Saver's Prevention Prefs will solve the problem, I could only shutdown my PowerTower 180e by uninstalling ADO." Yet another ADO/FileSaver conflict was first noted here (in "After Dark Online: ayes and nays") back in October.