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Britain's Times dumps app for BlackBerry, cites lack of customer interest

Another blow for the former highflier as Britain's The Times newspaper says it's pulling its mobile app for BlackBerry.

BlackBerry's Z10 smartphone. Josh Miller/CNET
Another day, another kick suffered by BlackBerry, once one of the world's leading smartphone brands, as we get word that Britain's The Times newspaper has pulled its mobile app available for the Blackberry because of flagging interest.

"While the Times' app on iPhone, iPad, and Android continues to be very successful, very few people use the app on their BlackBerry," a spokeswoman told Reuters.

BlackBerry recently announced a fiscal second-quarter lossof nearly $1 billion. The company's revenue fell 45 percent to $1.57 billion during the period. Meanwhile, the company last month received a buyout bid from Fairfax Financial, which owns a minority stake, and said it was willing to bring BlackBerry private at $9 per share for the roughly 90 percent of outstanding stock that it didn't already own. The total deal would be valued at $4.7 billion.

On this side of the pond, the other Times -- the one in New York -- dumped its BlackBerry app in July 2012.