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BreezeDry: Air-dry your laundry, indoors

The BreezeDry ambient air drying cabinet offers a new way to dry your laundry.

When young we learn at an astonishing rate. Soon after we learn about Mother's Day, we learn about Father's Day. The next logical thought in the process is to ask when "Kid's Day" is. The answer I always got was short, simple, and true: "Every day is Kid's Day." The recent Earth Day makes me think of this answer, and the realization that truly every day is Earth Day.

Perfect for storing wet items. BreezeDry

Here's a concept I really like: a self-enclosed drying cabinet for clothes right out of the wash. The BreezeDry ambient drying cabinet is a built-in fixture designed to remove the need for an energy-hungry traditional clothes dryer. Pulling in air from the outside, the cabinet circulates the air to dry a full load of laundry. Completely enclosed, laundry can be safely stored away as it dries. The whole process only takes a couple of hours.

Lots of products are called "green" nowadays, but few are able to transform daily chores to the extent the BreezeDry accomplishes. Operating at a fraction of the energy usage of a conventional dryer (yes, it does still use electricity), the BreezeDry looks to change the way we think about the common task of doing laundry. With the recent trend of green appliances, it's nice to see one that takes the next step and embraces the approach that every day is a good day to consider the environment.

(Via Appliancist)