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Bouncing camera leaves shots up to chance

The little Satugo camera has been bopping around the blogosphere in the last couple of weeks, and it's a pretty unique concept: a 3-megapixel bouncing-ball camera that yields surprising shots by taking a picture whenever it hits a surface. (Note: Trying to snap pics of babies with this thing is probably contraindicated).

Credit: Satugo

Satugo--which stands for See Aim Throw captUre and Go--has 1GB of NAND memory and a timer for delayed snaps so you can toss it into the air and take a picture of birds or other airborne objects. The tennis ball-size gadget can also can serve as a mobile storage device or a Webcam. Just hook it up to your computer via a belt clip that doubles as a USB port, and you're ready to chat.

Eschel Jacobsen and Mads Ny Larsen, the Denmark-based designers who created the concept ball-cam, are asking people who like the idea to register on their Web site so they can secure VC funding for the product. Estimated price: $69.