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Boombotix portable speakers get graffiti splash

Boombotix unleashes international urban artists on its line of portable speakers. The result? Speakers with serious attitude.

Boombotix Sket One speaker
This speaker has an attitude. Boombotix

It can be hard to distinguish one portable speaker from the next. They usually come in some uninspiring variation of black, white, or silver. There is a more colorful way to go, however: turn a group of artists loose and reap the rewards.

The Boombots Artist Series takes the small Boombot speaker and turns it into a graffiti- and street art-inspired canvas. Artists UberPup, DGPH, and Sket One give the little guys a bright makeover.

You're not going to lose Sket One's grinning Frankenstein amid the black and silver of all your other electronics. This particular model is limited to 800 pieces.

Boombots are available in wired ($54.99) or Bluetooth ($79.99) versions. That's a small premium over the usual $69.99 price for a Bluetooth Boombot2. The shells are ABS to stand up to your wandering ways and have a built-in clip to keep them close. The batteries are rechargeable.

I'm all for having a little more personality with gadget accessories. Serious, streamlined design in muted all-purpose colors may understandably work for the masses, but sometimes it's nice to let your geek flag fly with a look-at-me paint job.

Boombots Artist Series
The whole Boombots Artist Series. Boombotix