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Culture returns for another try

Apparently, there is someone new willing to place a bet on the brand. A note posted on the site says the ill-fated e-tailer will re-emerge in June 2006.

In one of the most spectacular crashes of the dot-com era, executives were ridiculed for squandering $135 million in less than a year--mostly on promoting the site as the chicest clothing store on the Web.

Rather than evolving into a trendy online boutique, was noted for numerous technical glitches and lack of customer service before finally closing its doors in May 2000.

Even while the Boo name became synonymous with failure, speculators continued to try and cash in on the brand. Three months after closed, online retail site Fashionmall paid cents on the dollar for's domain name ; the magazine it published, called "Boom"; and other branded content.

What happened to the site after that is still unclear. Representatives from could not be reached for comment.

An Internet search shows that the Web site is registered to a woman living in Ireland.

Perhaps a third try will be the charm for Boo.