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Bones in Motion gives runners cell phone help

PHOENIX--If you're a runner or cyclist and sick of toting both your cell phone and some sort of heart monitor/performance meter, Bones in Motion might have the answer for you.

The company's new BiM Active software is designed to turn your cell phone into that single device that meets all your running needs.

By incorporating GPS, it can track your speed as you run or cycle, as well as keep track of all kinds of performance measurements, such as minutes per mile and calorie burn.

It's connected to a network, so it keeps track of your route and shows where you've been, and it lets you share that that data with others via the Web.

BiM Active also incorporates community-oriented features: you can rate the routes you run or cycle and signify what kind of conditions they offer. Thus, when someone accesses routes you've submitted online, they can tell whether there will be a lot of traffic, many hills or anything else you want to mention.

At the Demo conference here, Bones in Motion unveiled BiM Active and said Sprint had just agreed to offer the software as a location-based service on its network for just $9.99 a month.