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Blue Titan weighs in on SOA debate

Blue Titan Software on Monday described its vision for a service-oriented architecture, in what is certainly not the last word on a heady industry debate.

A service-oriented architecture, or SOA, is a way to design systems so that individual programs can be reused and combined. SOAs rely on standards, notably Web services protocols, to share information between modular software components.

Just as there were many ways to adopt client/server architectures, there is not one "correct" model or pattern on how to best build an SOA.

Company founder and chief technology officer Frank Martinez said that Blue Titan's products are designed around the idea of a network of several servers that run a SOA, performing tasks such as security, translation between different versions of protocols and messaging products. Much like Cisco routers move network traffic, Blue Titan's servers handle messages and performance levels.

"In a service network, there are clients, servers and intermediaries and the interactions between them are described in policies," Martinez said.

Martinez argued that Blue Titan's network approach is working for its leading-edge customers who are building large-scale SOAs.

Competing with Blue Titan's "service network" vision are several messaging products, including enterprise service buses, that perform some of the same functions.

Martinez said that Cisco's Application Oriented Networking (AON) product line echoes Blue Titan's approach. But with SOAs catching on with customers and perhaps billions of dollars at stake, it's clear his company's views will not be the last.