BlackPad tablet from BlackBerry to take on iPad?

BlackBerry manufacturer RIM is taking the fight to Apple with an iPad rival -- and it may be called the BlackPad

A new front is opening in the war between BlackBerry and Apple. Apple's iPhone has hit BlackBerry-maker Research in Motion where it lives -- in the smart-phone market -- but RIM is taking the fight to Apple with an iPad rival. Unfortunately, RIM-watchers have spotted that the company has snapped up the domain name You read that right: the BlackBerry tablet may be called the BlackPad.

Bloomberg reports RIM will launch the tablet in November. It'll take on the Apple iPad, the device that's strapped a rocket to the back of the tablet bandwagon and blasted it into orbit, with competitors like LG, Samsung and Microsoft clinging on for dear life.

The BlackBerry tablet will connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi, or tether to your BlackBerry phone via Bluetooth, allowing you to use your phone's 3G Web connection. It's reported the tablet will be priced the same as the iPad.

But boy oh boy, that name is pretty clunky. RIM could simply be snapping up related names to protect from cybersquatters and copyists, of course. What do you think RIM should call the BlackBerry tablet? Stick your suggestions in the comments or join the debate on our spiffing Facebook page.

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